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Lesson Ghana successfully managed the stringent cold chain storage requirement for Russian Sputink V COVID-19 vaccine
Date 22nd July, 2021
Country Ghana
Category Success
Theme Supply chain and logistics
Impact Sputnik V, is an adenovirus viral vector vaccine, that requires specialised storage to be kept at a temperature of -18 °C or below, necessitating the need for a more stringent vaccine cold chain. To address this challenge, Ghana established vaccination centres around the cold chain rooms in the districts to ensure real time pulse delivery of vaccines.
Recommendation To preserve safety and effectiveness of vaccines, the cold chain storage requirements should be strictly adhered to at all times. Countries should take into account their existing or anticipated storage capability to inform vaccines they are bringing into the country. Innovative ways of managing stringent cold storage vaccine requirements, like locating vaccination points nearby, is important to facilitate uninterrupted supply of vaccines.