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Title Using SMS to send reminders for vaccination
Introduction The use of short messaging services (SMS) to send reminders to people who are due for their second dose proved effected in increasing uptake and reducing drop out rates.
Theme Surveillance data and monitoring
Date 22nd July, 2021
  • Using the registration details for those who received the first dose, reminders were sent to communicate the time, date and venue for the second dose
  • These reminders were instrumental in mobilizing people to go for their second dose without fail.
  • The innovation of using SMS to send reminders to potential clients had proved successful in Ghana in promoting uptake of childhood vaccines. Although the target population in the COVID 19 vaccination drive is different, use of SMS has shown the potential to reduce dropout and increase the number of people who receiving their second dose on a timely manner.

Community based interventions using mobile phone technologies can improve timely vaccination coverage