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Title Needs assessment for medical Oxygen supply and support
Introduction Medical oxygen is becoming a critical need as the third wave of COVID 19 infections hit most countries in the AFRO region. By mid-July 2021 most countries were reporting overwhelmed healthcare systems with surging number of patients who are need medical oxygen as part of their treatment regimen especially among those with severe COVID 19 complications.
Theme Supply chain and logistics
Date 16th July, 2021
  • In response to this growing need, WHO AFRO has responded by initiating mapping and identification needs across the spectrum of Six countries were prioritized for the mapping due to the expected surge in demand for medical oxygen. These include Zambia, Uganda, Namibia, Liberia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. The mapping will comprise a compilation of oxygen needs, assessment of production capacities in resurgence countries, identification of suppliers and procurement of the proposed regional stockpile. A tracking tool to monitor status of oxygen needs in WCO has been introduced
  • It is anticipated that the results of the mapping exercise will result into optimal procurement and delivery of strategic oxygen priority needs in these countries
  • The mapping is being undertaken in the six countries that already in resurgence. These include Zambia, Uganda, Namibia, Liberia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. Horizon scanning of suppliers for local procurement will also be undertaken in Botswana, South Sudan, Sierra Leone and DRC. The assessment has identified key bottlenecks that include limited availability of local suppliers, high prices, long lead times and failure of private oxygen suppliers to provide oxygen to non clients.

This mapping is a critical component of country preparedness and should be prioritized as part of preparedness for COVID 19 resurgence in WHO/AFRO region